June 11, 2017

Review about Iceland Country Life Circle Tour by Linda S Baist

Rating: 3
The Iceland tour was FANTASTIC!! However, I have some reservations about the service I was provided by you. I don't feel that I was given enough information about the trip details. Another couple on the tour used you & had every detail down pat. (Hotels, etc). When I arrived in Iceland, I almost felt there was no hotel waiting for me. Luckily, that wasn't the case. I also feel I should have been better advised about what to pack, as I could have taken less. I also had to contact my rep pre-trip for doc's I needed. I was always told there was some kind of e-mail problem! I always book my own trips, but felt that I needed specialized attention on a trip of this nature. I don't feel that I was given the best attention.
Linda S Baist
This Iceland tour will take you around the island to appreciate the ever changing Icelandic landscape and enjoy short hikes in the open nature and two of the three main Iceland's National Parks.