I have to say I was very happy to be on tour in Norway with NST. Only a few quibbles. 1. I didn't join the tour at the beginning and I wanted to connect with the tour group before I joined them. There WAS an opportunity to do that the night before I joined the tour, but I was told there wasn't. 2. The tour guide: she doesn't handle stress well, and it shows in front of the guests. She is also hard of hearing, which gets to be a bit annoying at times when we ask questions on the bus. 3. Wakeup times for luggage were outrageously early. Maybe pack a little less into each day and allow people to sleep past 5:30 in the morning to accommodate luggage pickup. 4. I was never informed about when to bring my hand luggage out to be packed in the bus. 5. No choices re: set meals -- no options offered, we merely ate what we were given. I would've liked the opportunity to make a different choice. The food was fine, but the fact that at such a cost for this tour, there was no option offered, disturbed me. The driver was great, the sites were a pleasure, I LOVED Balestrand in particular, and with these qualifications, I had a good time . I do really think that the hearing issue (Ann marie) should be addressed....and that she might learn to cover her inability to handle stress a lot better than she does. I felt very unwelcome at a few points in reaching out to her with questions, which I unfortunately asked at the times when she appeared to be most stressed. - Sarah Spitz -