September 15, 2014

Review about Baltic Highlights by Wanda and Matthew Williams

Rating: 4
Hi Dora, Tom and I were participants on your Amber Coast tour in June, just one of the many Baltic tours your company offers. I haven't gotten around to writing you an update about the trip, so I thought I would now! It was really nice chatting with you in the spring as we tried to decide which tour would be the best choice for us. I think the Amber Coast tour really catered to people like us who have a deep love of history and an appreciation for Europe. I would have to write a very long, detailed list of all the places we were able to see and all the incredible things we learned along the way! It was a lot of fun and I want to say a big thank you to our tour guide, Dahlia, who was always able to answer any questions we had! You're lucky to have her working for you. Everything was very professional, the hotels were all located in great places, and the food was to die for... We will definitely be back to tour the Baltic countries. 11 days wasn't enough! :) Sincerely, Wanda and Matthew Williams
Wanda and Matthew Williams

Amber Coast Review

Small group Baltic countries tour with 4* hotels, max. 20 people, English speaking guide. Great selection of sightseeing and evening activities.