Aurora Borealis

(18:15 – 22:30)
Transfer to the base camp and meet the professional Northern lights hunters who will be your guides. From the camp, located in an uninhabited area with no artificial lights to disturb the experience or the chance to capture the Aurora Borealis on camera. With a great view of the skies there is also time to sit around the open camp fire inside a Sami tent and grill sausages, visit the huskies and their puppies or warm up inside. Due to the stable climate at this location and with some personal persistence, there are excellent possibilities to see even the weakest of lights. Included is a traditional dinner of Finnbiff (beef & mushroom stew) followed by coffee and cake. Returning back to Hotel Radisson Blu Tromso at 22:30.

Loved the itinerary. It packed a lot into a week. Was very disappointed, we were not made aware of luggage charges on JetBlue. Then after traveling all day and night, no accommodation had been made with CenterHotel Plaza for early check-in. Our group of 10 had had little to no sleep, so exploring Rekjavik while waiting for a room was not a welcome option. We waited 5 hours for our key. Our bus driver was excellent; Very skilled. In contrast, our guide Andre seemed unprepared, often reading info from the same written material we were given. We even took to checking facts on Google, when he spoke off the top of his head. Our first night in the countryside, Andre told us he would check us into hotel, while we retrieved our luggage, then give out room keys. We stood in the lobby waiting his direction, when he simply went down the hall to his room. He did not know what our problem was! Told us to check in at desk ourselves. His English was quite good, but had no real communication skills. We wondered if this was his first day on the job with no training. His shortcomings continued throughout the week. In summary, Andre and the Centerhotel were our only dissappointments