September 11, 2014

Review about Baltics & Kaliningrad Tour by Hillary Vance

Rating: 4
Dear Susie, We're home from our Baltic tour and wanted to thank you for your hard work with helping us make those travel arrangements! We had a great time in Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga, and everywhere in between. I think a nine day vacation is the perfect length of time away from home and we got to experience so much! I've always adored Europe, but these countries really opened my eyes to a whole new part of the world I had never really given much thought to until recently. I enjoyed learning about the history of each place with the well organized city tours put on by our lovely guide, Alma. (Her English is superb!) My favorite destination was the Hill of Crosses, mainly because I had never seen anything quite like it before and I was really intrigued by it. Our hotel in Vilnius was nice, but we unfortunately had noisy neighbors who kept us up longer than we would have liked. That was just a minor hiccup though in the grand scheme of things! We had an amazing time and have hundreds of photos to prove it. Thanks again for your help with this trip to the Baltics. We'll remember it forever! Hillary Vance
Hillary Vance
The tours takes you through the countryside and urban centers of four countries: the three independent Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – and Kaliningrad, formerly known as Konigsberg, now a Russian city with a German past. Through centuries this region was tightly connected ethnically and by the Hanseatic traders. The Baltic capital cities with the UNESCO-listed Old Towns will admire you with well-preserved history and modern way of life. Travelling through the coastal town Klaipeda and the UNESCO-listed Curonian Spit you will be stunned by the wonders of sand and pine forests.