September 10, 2014

Review about Splendor of the Baltics with Nida Resort by Joan Anderson

Rating: 4
Hi Susie, Thank you for helping us book our trip to the Baltics! We had a great time with the family and couldn't have done it without you. From St. Peter and Paul's Church in Vilnius, to Toome Hill Park in Tartu, there is so much history in these countries and we all feel fortunate to have had the chance to experience such deep history and to explore the halls of the ancient buildings in each place. I've always felt at home in Europe in a strange way. I love the lifestyle there and the food always seems to taste just a little bit better than anything back home. :) Our hotels were all great except for the hotel in Nida. The location was beautiful but the a/c didn't work in our room which was a bit inconvenient. The hotel staff was nice and brought fans to the room which helped a little. (They were really booked that night so they were unable to move us.) It was okay though and the temperature cooled off the later it got anyway. Other than that, no complaints about any of the restaurants or activities along the way. Our Baltic tour was delightful! Cheers, Joan Anderson
Joan Anderson

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Baltic Tour exploring old capitals, Baltic seaside and countryside of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia