October 13, 2014

Review about Aurora Borealis Norwegian Explorer by Bruce & Anna Whiteway

Rating: 5
Susie, Just wanted to let you know we are back from our Iceland and Norway trip. We had a great time, everything worked out as planned. Flights, hotels, timing, the cruise, all were terrific. It was an amazing experience, we loved every minute. Exceeded my expectations. Thanks for all your help and patience in working with us to plan and arrange everything for this tour of Norway and beyond. And yes, we came home with 5 sweaters (4 for Anna, one for me)! Thanks again, Bruce & Anna Whiteway
Bruce & Anna Whiteway
See beautiful dancing lights of the natural phenomenon, Aurora Borealis on your tour through Norway. Fun activities include a dog sledding adventure where you will enjoy the beauty and wilderness of the outdoors and maybe get a chance to see birds,foxes, snowshoe hares, moose and even reindeer. Spend a night in a cabin at Camp Tamok and enjoy the still darkness where you can best see the Northern Lights. There's also a sauna nearby! Enjoy a traditional Sami meal better known as "Biddos" and eat vegetables and reindeer meat. Spend a night in Sami lavvu and feed beautiful Alaskan huskies. Reindeer sledding in Risvika will be an exciting highlight of your trip giving you a very good chance to see the Northern Lights. You also have the option to stay overnight in an incredible snow cave. Enjoy all of this and more when you tour Norway!