City tour of Nuuk including the museum

We go to the Colonial Harbour, where we visit the National Museum. Here the guide will show us the famous Qilakitsoq mummies, the national costume, and the Qajak. We also visit Our Saviours Church built in 1849. During the tour we will see the Parliament, and the Atlantic harbour, which is usually full of life. The tour ends at Katuaq, the cultural centre of the town. Price includes transfers if needed.

Even though the cruise was cancelled at the last minute, the substitute tours that were arranged for us we're incredible. Hard to believe we got to see so much of Iceland and learn so much from the tour guides in just one week. Susie Main was a hero..taking care of additional tours before and after the official well as calmly handling the news of the cancellation. Her handling of the situation is really what made us decide to still go on the trip after the news of the cancellation. She was the best. The trip was a once in a lifetime experience!