Coffee Mik

Come join a local family for a cup of coffee. The Greenlanders are famous for welcoming visitors into their homes, inviting everyone over for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The latest gossip is shared and it will also be possible to see the national costume and learn about life so isolated from the rest of the world.

The complete tour brought us to some very interesting places that we would have missed if we limited ourselves to the golden circle. There was so much to see and do beyond the Reykjavik area. Andrea, our tour guide, added rich and interesting commentary and gave us a lot of background on the history of Iceland and its geology. Our tour went to some places that were not listed in the description, and I am thankful to our driver and guide for doing this as we saw some amazing places. It went to all the places that were listed with only one exception when we stayed overnight at a different town than listed but it was totally comparable and acceptable. We had minimal difficulty getting from Keflavik airport to the hotel on the bus and meeting out guide and bus the following morning. The hotels were all very nice, with some better than others, but all were acceptable. The meals at the hotel were also very good with, as can be expected, some better than others. I really enjoyed the buffet breakfast with the selection of cereal, meats, cheeses, dairy and pastry products. Overall, I was very satisfied with the accommodation and catering. The tour started between 8 and 9 in the morning, depending on where we were going and we were usually checked into the overnight hotel by 6 in the evening which made for a perfect “happy hour” in the bar before dinner. We came to look forward to this every day and enjoyed the rapport with the others on the tour. Some areas where you can consider improving the tour might be: 1) Since the first and last day of the tour are just arriving and returning to the Reykjavik hotel, a “meet and greet” at the hotel the night before the tour started, so we could meet the others on the tour and possibly the guide, would have been nice. Similarly, dinner or some sort of activity at the hotel when the tour ended would also have been nice. 2) The travel documents and tour description could benefit with a rewrite with more details of the places been visited and even a better layout with pictures and a map of Iceland – perhaps adding more on the history and geology of Iceland. On the tour, we were handed a leaflet with optional activities. This, for example, could have been included with the pre-tour documents. All in all, we totally enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to anyone. We have fond memories of Iceland, its people and our tour guide and bus driver. I hope we can get there again. My dealings with Nordic saga tours was painless and effortless with everything been done through the web and emails and they were very responsive to any questions I had. Thank you for making this a trip to remember!