Coffee Mik

Come join a local family for a cup of coffee. The Greenlanders are famous for welcoming visitors into their homes, inviting everyone over for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The latest gossip is shared and it will also be possible to see the national costume and learn about life so isolated from the rest of the world.

Hi Alex! My sister and I went on your Northern Lights tour of Iceland at the beginning of March and I realized I never got around to telling you how it was! We really, really enjoyed ourselves. While the weather was definitely chilly, it was worth it! We got to see the Northern Lights a few nights when it was clear out and we just couldn't get over how beautiful it was. What a unique experience. We loved trying Icelandic food and really enjoyed the guides' storytelling in each location we visited. Overall, a really great time and marvelous trip to Iceland. Thanks! Cheers, Meryl and Felicity Urman
Meryl and Felicity Urman