De Luxe flight over the Ice Fjord

Arctic Adventure, together with AirZafari Greenland, offer sightseeing flights and photo safaris in a 5-seat aircraft. Fly in low altitude to the very end of Ilulissat Ice Fjord and enjoy breathtaking views of huge icebergs and sky-blue lakes on the top of them. Window seat guaranteed. Minimum 4 pax.

I went on this tour in hopes of seeing the Finish nature and Northern Lights with my family. We were not disappointed. We saw the Northern Lights 4 times , took beautiful photos. The nature we saw was very special - northern woods, white wildiness ... fun of SNOW SAUNA & OUTDOOR JACUZZI. Through all the trip we had wonderful meals , enjoyed warm hotels and fantastic guides who knew their country and loved it. All activities were enjoyable and unforgettable. Thank you Dora for arranging this trip for us. -Thomas & family.