Dog Sledge Adventure

We leave the civilized world and enter the Arctic Wonderland of low passes, ice covered fjords where icebergs raise like sculptures and travel back in time into the world of the old polar explorers. Only operated when there is snow - expected to run from early/mid December to late March. Polar suit included. You have to be in a fairly good physical shape to join a dogsledge tour.

Dora and Anna Louise did an excellent job of planning our trip for my husband, myself, our daughter and my father. Dora added in a ballet concert and a trip to Kronstadt which were highlights of the trip. My favorite was Catherine's Palace and Peterhof, my father's the Hermitage, my husband's the concert, my daughter's the boat tour and the Impressionists at the Hermitage. We all loved the food, especially the restaurant Legran. Our tour guide and driver were knowledgeable and flexible. For example, I am a science teacher. Our tour guide, Ludmilla pointed out the location where the chemist, Mendeleev worked and we made an impromptu stop so that I could get pictures of his periodic table. I would definitely recommend seeing St. Petersburg!