Dog Sledge Adventure

We leave the civilized world and enter the Arctic Wonderland of low passes, ice covered fjords where icebergs raise like sculptures and travel back in time into the world of the old polar explorers. Only operated when there is snow - expected to run from early/mid December to late March. Polar suit included. You have to be in a fairly good physical shape to join a dogsledge tour.

We are back from the trip to Baltics, Warsaw and Berlin. It was a very impressive trip. The distances between the cities were very long. Sometimes it took 5-6 hours to get from one place to another which was a little too long. However, I have to admit that the coach was very comfortable with free Wi-Fi, coffee/tea and snacks. The places we visited were very interesting and some even very impressive. The hotels were very well chosen with excellent service and we loved the local food which seems very fresh and natural. All in all , it was a very good trip with a lot of information and nice memories and photos.