Dog Sledge Adventure

We leave the civilized world and enter the Arctic Wonderland of low passes, ice covered fjords where icebergs raise like sculptures and travel back in time into the world of the old polar explorers. Only operated when there is snow - expected to run from early/mid December to late March. Polar suit included. You have to be in a fairly good physical shape to join a dogsledge tour.

Dear Susie, Hello, hello! My hubby and I have returned from the incredible Baltic tour you arranged for us, and we can't thank you enough! We celebrated Brian's birthday while in Vilnius on the 3rd day, and it was such a special celebration. This might top all of his other birthdays! We decided to try the spa treatments that were offered that day, and I'm so glad we did! Relaxation while on vacation is all anyone really wants, right? The city tour that day was also enjoyable and informative. Cheers to our guide, Eriks, who made Brian's day even better when he announced that it was his birthday that night over dinner and everyone in the group raised their glasses to him! The rest of the tour was also just as noteworthy, seeing famous places like Thomas Mann's house, the Amber Gallery, St. Jacob's Church, and the many unique landmarks in each city. The hotels were beautiful, all in very convenient locations, and the food was always delicious. Thank you so much for such a great vacation! If we tour the Baltics, or maybe even Iceland in the future, I'll be in touch! Gina Leon
Gina Leon