Dog Sledge Adventure

We leave the civilized world and enter the Arctic Wonderland of low passes, ice covered fjords where icebergs raise like sculptures and travel back in time into the world of the old polar explorers. Only operated when there is snow - expected to run from early/mid December to late March. Polar suit included. You have to be in a fairly good physical shape to join a dogsledge tour.

Hi Dora, I did spent a night in a snow hotel! Sleeping in the -4°C was a lifetime experience. Wrapped in thick sleeping bags, we peacefully slept through the night and felt so good in the morning! Another highlight was the awesome experience was with Northern Lights which we watched right after dinner dancing in the skies . The hotel is located in a fantastic place, away from the city lights and we were blessed with this unbelievable phenomenon. Thank you for the fantastic experience which we will recommend to all our friends. – Kristen, Maryland