Cross Country Skiing Tri

10:00 – 12:00
Fasten the skis, lean on the ski poles and glide along the tracks through the pure whiteness. If you are a first timer on skis, there will be an introduction on the basic techniques of skiing. A stop is made to have a cup of warm berry juice. The price includes the equipment rental until 17:00, so you can go skiing on your own time and pace afterwards.

Our tour guide , Marie (I am not sure of the Russian version of her name), was absolutely amazing. First of all I found her to be very warm and friendly. But more importantly she was so professional and so unbelievably knowledgeable about all of the sites we visited, about all of the history in Russia, about all of dates, facts and figures of significant events and was able to answer any question that came up, whether about historical or current Russia. She kept us on schedule and even added a few last minute places we wanted to see on the last day since we had extra time. In addition she took the time to help our family obtain tickets to Swan Lake for our first evening in St Petersburgh which was quite a treat for all of us. I had an absolutely fantastic time and would highly recommend this tour (and Marie!) to anyone. And I should also mention our bus drivers were excellent as well.