Cross Country Skiing Tri

10:00 – 12:00
Fasten the skis, lean on the ski poles and glide along the tracks through the pure whiteness. If you are a first timer on skis, there will be an introduction on the basic techniques of skiing. A stop is made to have a cup of warm berry juice. The price includes the equipment rental until 17:00, so you can go skiing on your own time and pace afterwards.

Great tour, I was amazed at the different packages that participants had. The guides managed the various language requirements seamlessly. And the local guides were well informed. Everyone was on time! Very good value too I think because it was so well organized and so interesting the mood within the group was good; no complainers to marr the pleasure! The only thing i can think of is that it would have been reassuring to know that the local carrier was "Baltic Visions." It was a little difficult the first evening finding the right group in Vilneus. Thanks again; I'll definitely check your offerings when I decide on my next trip ?Caucases! helen Gowans