Snow Sauna & Outdoor Jacuzzi


Even the mostenthusiastic sauna bathers are deeply impressed by the snow sauna and its walls made of snow and ice. Only the sauna benches are made of wood! The sauna bathing experience is an astonishing combination of thick steam withinintimate snow walls. Then jump into the outdoor Jacuzzi and admire the Northern Lights or the spectacular starry night skies of Lapland.

Hi Susie! This trip to Scandinavia was everything I hoped it would be. I booked the Norwegian Fjords trip as a celebration of my 30th wedding anniversary with my husband. Everything that you and Nordic Saga Tours did was really organized and fantastic. Jim unfortunately got sick on the first day but our guide, Celia, helped him get the appropriate medication and apologized for us having to miss out on the first tour. She felt so bad! We relaxed in the hotel as Jim got some much needed sleep. That being said, our hotels were great and in ideal locations. Once he fell asleep, I went out and explored the area near our hotel. Really cute shops and a nice dessert place just a few blocks away where I picked up two pastries to bring back to the hotel. The rest of the tour was amazing! Jim started to feel like his old self on day four, so we were able to enjoy the Flam Railway and the gorgeous fjords. Loved all of the impressive buildings in Stockholm, and the city life in Helsinki was really interesting. Thanks for your help. You made our Scandinavia tour so much fun. Best, Tracy Theres