Snow Sauna & Outdoor Jacuzzi


Even the mostenthusiastic sauna bathers are deeply impressed by the snow sauna and its walls made of snow and ice. Only the sauna benches are made of wood! The sauna bathing experience is an astonishing combination of thick steam withinintimate snow walls. Then jump into the outdoor Jacuzzi and admire the Northern Lights or the spectacular starry night skies of Lapland.

Bobby, Our Baltic tour through these amazing European countries was an unforgettable experience and I wanted to write your company a review just to thank you for your help and guidance. I appreciated your professionalism and for getting back to me via email as soon as you could, even with the time difference. You answered all of my questions and smoothed over any hiccups we experienced along the way. My wife took a tumble in Vilnius and had to go to the hospital. Our guide, the lovely Alma, was very on top of things and made sure Judy was comfortable and cared for by the hospital staff. Nothing major, she just left with a small wrap around her ankle which we then iced that night at the hotel. Luckily we only had one day left of the tour, so she didn't miss out on too much. Other than that, we really loved our time in Europe. The group we were with was a lot of fun. The sightseeing tours of each city showed us so much and we learned a lot of new things. Thanks again for everything, I'd love to take my sons on a Baltic trip someday. Maybe another family vacation is in order for the future, with no accidents next time! Harvey Thilman