Fishing tour

We sail to the fishing spot of the day, most probably near Bredebugt or the mouth of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord. While waiting for our catch we have time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. By the end of the day we will hopefully bring home different sorts of fish like cod, halibut, redfish and catfish. Packed lunch included.

Hi Dora, Thank you for making our trip to Scandinavia so much fun. We really enjoyed the Splendor of the Fjords tour and felt we got to see a lot of Norway. It's really an amazing place, isn't it? The sights and smells are so clean and beautiful, we never wanted to leave! Learning about the history of the country was great and I really have to comment on how wonderful your guides were. Very smart and friendly, too. Our hotels were always nice and the food was much tastier than we had expected. Everything seemed to go according to plan, so thanks again. If we travel Scandinavia in the future, I'll be sure to get in contact with you! Marybeth Voyager
Marybeth Voyager