Full Day Dog Sledge Adventure

Leave the civilized world and enter the Arctic wonderland of low passes and ice covered fjords where icebergs raise like sculptures. The route will depend on actual snow and ice conditions. Lunch included. Only operated when there is snow - expected to run from mid December to late March. Rent of polar suit included. You have to be in a fairly good physical shape to join a dog sledge tour.

Our trip to Iceland was nothing more but a fairy tale. This was our first trip to Iceland so we chose a reputable company Nordic Saga to arrange this exceptional trip for us. We did not want to be in a large group with crowded buses where you possibly have little accessibility to your guide. Our tour group consisted of 15 people which was great. Our guide was awesome with plenty of interesting information about each of the locations we visited but also with many facts and history about Iceland. We visited waterfalls, fjords, lakes, mountains, cultural sites and everywhere enjoyed fantastic landscapes and met nice people. Hotels were very good, food sometimes exotic but very good quality. Recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see Iceland, learn about its culture and history. Ivan Jaak