Havila Voyage Shore Excursions

KIRKENES - SNOW HOTEL (from $120 per person)

After meeting the reindeer, the journey takes us to the ice bar for a cold welcome drink with juice from the wild Arctic crowberry. Next, we visit the huskies, and then a light meal is served on an ice table in a world of ice. You are surrounded by large, beautiful ice sculptures, the walls and windows are made of ice and snow, and while the flower vase might look like it is glass, it is also made of ice.  On the way back to the Havila Voyages ship and weather permitting, there will also be a photo stop on Prestefjellet.

The only sounds to be heard are the dogs and the sights include the sea, the mountains and the starry sky. Maybe the Northern Lights will brush the sky with its colours to make it even more beautiful. Experienced dog handlers help to steer the sled and ensure that it is a safe experience.  In the camp you can meet 300 huskies, learn more about dog sledding in the wilderness, the dog breed and how the dogs are trained to become good sled dogs. The training takes years and involves trust and cooperation both between the dogs and between the dog and the dog handler. There are often puppies in the camp, and meeting them is a highlight for all age groups.  The tour ends with a gathering around the fire inside the gamme hut with hot drinks and chocolate cake.

Direction: Northbound
Disembarkation port: Tromsø
Embarkation port: Tromsø
Time: 14:30-18:00 
Meal: Coffee/tea and cake

Level: 2
Season: Winter-spring (1 Dec - 4 May)
Min/max persons: 2-48
Booking reference: TOSN3
Price: From $265 per person

Visit huskies in the wilderness of Tromsø
Visit a wilderness centre with many huskies, get up close with the animals and get an insight into the art of dog sledding. Wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes. Mini buses from the wildlife centre pick you up at the harbour and will also take the guest back to the ship.

There are many huskies, of various sizes and ages, at the centre. With them are people who give the dogs everything they need, including the joy of running long distances. The founder of the wilderness centre, Tove Sørensen, has over 30 years' dog sledding experience, and she has also been a pioneer of dog sledding at a competitive level. The visit to the wilderness centre allows you to pet the dogs and admire their strength and beauty. You will learn about dog sledding and breeding huskies. The wilderness centre is located in a scenic area, and if you like you can join a small tour to explore the flora and fauna of the area.  A piece of our family-recipe chocolate cake and something hot to drink, served around an open fire in our cozy Gamme-Hut, concludes a perfect afternoon.

Direction: Northbound
Disembarkation port: Tromsø
Embarkation port: Tromsø
Time: 14:30-18:00
Meal: Cake and hot drinks

Level: 1 
Season: Summer and autumn (18 May - 31 Oct)
Min/max persons: 10/32
Booking reference: TOSN4
Price: From $110 per person


Join a sleigh ride, take part in feeding the reindeer and visit the Sami in a gamme hut.  The guides meet you at the quay and accompanies you to the bus. About a 25-minute drive. Photographs and feeding the reindeer. Anyone who wants to can have a go at lassoing—but not on real reindeer. Reindeer sledding. We recommend comfortable shoes and warm clothes. Winter overalls can be borrowed on site. 

The Sami are the indigenous people of the North. They have their own language, their own culture and their own "country" which you won't find on any traditional map, but which extends from Norway, through Sweden and into Finland and Russia.

The Sami have traditions as nomads, and lived in lavvo tents and gamme huts. You can visit a gamme hut, taste the Sami meat soup, bidos, and listen to Sami stories and joik, the Sami traditional form of song. 

The reindeer are important to the Sami culture and their way of life. In addition to being draught animals, they also provide meat and hides. You've probably seen Santa Claus' sleigh being pulled by reindeer? Now you get to sit in the sleigh behind the reindeer.  

During the visit, you also get to take part in feeding some of the 300 reindeer of this large herd, and maybe you want to have a go with a lasso? You need to be a bit of an expert to get the rope around the antlers of running reindeer, but maybe you can catch one while the "target" is standing still?

Walking Theater in Tromsø
Local actors give guided tours and bring history to life. They tell stories about and re-enact parts relating to Arctic fishing and polar expeditions, and daring adventures. The actors of the Sadio Nor Teater meet you on the quay and take you through the streets of Tromsø and the history of Tromsø.Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Tromsø
Embarkation port: Tromsø
Time: 14:30-15:30
Meal: None
Level: 1 
Season: All year round
Min/max persons: 8-44
Booking reference: TOSN5
Price: From $65 per person

Tromsø – Capital of the Arctic
Tromsø, which is called the "Paris of the North", is a lively city with a majestic landscape in its backyard and a dramatic polar history. Take a tour into and up to the very top of the city.
Yellow cable car in Tromsø, to viewpoint over the city. A guided bus tour. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that keep you warm at the view point at the top of the mountain lift.

Direction: Northbound
Disembarkation port: Tromsø
Embarkation port: Tromsø
Time: 14:30-18:00
Meal: None
Level: 1
Season: All year round
Min/max persons: 15-336
Booking reference: TOSN1
Price: From $ 200 per person

Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral
Experience a midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral, which is like a shining white landmark over the Arctic capital, Tromsø. Guests are transported by bus from the quay to the concert and back again. This is a unique concert experience and should not be confused with an ordinary entrance ticket to see the cathedral during the day. The concert lasts for 45 minutes.

The cathedral is a modern church with the architecture reflecting the Arctic; some people see the cathedral either as an image of the Northern Lights or as icebergs or fishing racks. The inside of the church is characterised by the 140 square metre blue and white glass mosaic that fills the whole altar wall. You are invited to a midnight concert here. This means that it could be during glorious midnight sun or under blazing Northern Lights, depending on whether you are here in summer or winter. The acoustics in this modern church are outstanding, and talented musicians perform religious folk tunes, masterpieces from Sami and classical music and traditional hymns and songs that will stay with you as you return to the ship for a good night's sleep.

Direction: Southbound
Disembarkation port: Tromsø 
Embarkation port: Tromsø
Time: 24:00-01:30
Meal: None

Level: 1 
Season: All year round
Min/max persons: 15-200
Booking reference: TOSS1
Price: From $80.00 per person

Geiranger and Trollstigen
Geirangerfjord's splendour is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and on most travellers' "must see" list in Norway. On this excursion we take you from Geiranger and climb to the top of Trollstigen.​​​​​​​​ This bus tour from Geiranger takes you through beautiful scenery along impressive roads. There will be several photo stops at different viewpoints, and you will cross two fjords by ferry. 

The Norwegian fjord landscape constantly tops lists of the world's most beautiful places, and the Geirangerfjord is the queen of these fjords.  From Geiranger, you wind your way up Ørnesvingene to the lookout point with a panoramic view of the Geirangerfjord with the "The Seven Sisters" waterfalls, the village and the mountains.

The road continues on through well-maintained agricultural villages, and we take a local ferry across the fjord to Valldal, the strawberry village. There we stop at the wild river rapids at Gudbrandsjuvet before climbing the mountains on our way to the top of Trollstigen. This is an old trail that has miraculously become a road with 11 hairpin bends down the steep mountainside.

Viewpoints in rough and modern architecture give you a panorama of the road builders' skill as engineers, and the largest viewpoint platform floats 200 metres above the road. Safely down in the valley, there is a photo stop with coffee and a snack before we continue on to Molde for dinner and then get back on the ship.  

Trollveggen (The Troll Wall) 

At the bottom of the valley, there is a photo stop at Trollveggen. This is the highest vertical mountain wall in Northern Europe and is simply breathtaking. At the visitor's centre we will be shown a great documentary about the dramatic first ascents of the 1,100 metre mountain wall and the first base jumps from the spires. We finish with a visit to the shop and coffee  before continuing on to Molde. There you will be served dinner at a restaurant close to the quay where you will board ship again. 

Direction: Northbound
Disembarkation port: Geiranger (to tender boat)   
Embarkation port: Molde
Time: 14:15 - 22:15
Meal: Dinner and dessert
Level: 1
Season: 1 Jun - 31 Aug
Min/max persons: 23 - 252
Booking reference: GEIN1
Price: from NOK 2190 per person

Electric Bike Adventure in Hjørundfjorden
Experience “The Queen’s route” by electric bike, you cycle under majestic mountains, in the footsteps of royals and through an area ruled by natural forces. 14 kilometres of cycling on a paved road with plenty of assistance from the batteries in the electric bike. The excursion is divided in two cycling sessions with in approximately one hour. Bicycles and helmets are available in different sizes suited to the cyclist. Participants should wear warm and windproof clothing adapted to the weather conditions. 

With their beautiful mountains, Hjørundfjorden and Norangsdalen have fascinated Europe's royals and nobles, adventurers and celebrities. Norangsdalen is said to have been visited by seven queens, and the narrow road that winds its way under the steep mountains is often called the queen’s route. Here you cycle on a rural road with little traffic giving you plenty of time to admire thewild mountains and traces of the ravages of nature. You can also see the small farmhouses, built wall to wall and almost into the ground, to withstand the avalanches in the area. In Lyngstøylvatnet you can see the remains of the old road, the foundations of the farmhouses and the gateway that is now submerged in the crystal clear water after the mountainside collapsed in a landslide in 1908, closed off the valley and dammed up the river.

Direction: Northbound
Disembarkation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden
Embarkation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden
Time: 12:30 – 15:30
Meal: Coffee and the local pancake "svele" as snack  

Level:  2
Season: Autumn, 1.9.-31.10
Min/max persons: 6 – 20
Booking reference: HJFN2
Price: from $160 per person

Unique Paddling Experience in Glass Canoe

The water flooded a hamlet, and now you can paddle over this settlement and see the hidden ruins through the glass bottom of the canoe. A bus will take you from the Havila Voyages ship to the lake where you will paddle. There you will receive safety instructions and all the equipment needed. The glass canoes are stable and make the experience suitable for all levels of ability.

A bus will take you from the Havila Voyages ship to the lake where you will paddle. There you will receive safety instructions and all the equipment needed. The glass canoes are stable and make the experience suitable for all levels of ability. 

This trip will allow you in an unique way to visit to an area of historical interest. In 1908, a landslide tumbled down the steep mountain sides in Norangsdalen. This landslide blocked the valley and dammed the river. The water flooded a hamlet, and now you can paddle over this settlement and see the walls of the old farmhouses, the road, a bridge and the old gate through the glass bottom of the canoe. The place is popular for divers, and with a glass kayak you get to take part in this unique underwater experience. 

As you paddle across the water, the rugged mountains tower over you. The nature here has attracted visitors from Europe for over a hundred years. In the early 20th century, Norangsdalen and Hjørundfjorden were the playground for nobles, royals and adventurers. The road past the water with the flooded farmstead is often called the "Queen's Route" because as many as seven European queens have travelled this road. Many had the same desire as you: To experience the majesty of nature.

Direction: Northbound
Disembarkation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden
Embarkation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden
Time: 12:30 – 15:00
Meal: Coffee and the local pancake "svele" as a snack.

Level: 2 (Read more)
Season: Autumn, 1.9-31.10
Min/max persons: 8 – 20
Booking reference: HJFN1
Price: from $200 per person

On Foot in the Heart of Rural Norway
A walk that takes you into the life in the village with only a few dozen neighbours, hard work and nature for company. 2.5 kilometres guided walk through the small village with only 50 permanent residents. Wear good shoes and warm clothes.

About 50 years ago, the village of Urke had 350 inhabitants. Now there are barely 50 left. They have more than enough of both space and nature, and are happy to share it with whoever comes to visit. The walk takes you through the village, and its varied business life, even if it has few inhabitants. Here you can find fish farming, horticulture and a small store owned by the villagers who also participate in it’s operation on a voluntary basis. The river through the village has given power to grind grain in the old days and an old mill house tells that history while a modern power plant provides power to 2000 households tells the modern story of the river. Nature is the village's greatest resource, and Urke is the starting point for many beautiful summit hikes both summer and winter. The campsite in the village is much visited and if though there are only a few permanent residents in the village, then there are many who visits Urke as a holiday paradise meaning the population is much higher in the summer.

Direction: Northbound
Disembakation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden
Embarkation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden
Time: 12:30 – 14:00
Meal:  Coffee and the local pancake "svele"
Level: 2
Season: Autumn: 1.9. – 31.10
Min/max persons: 8 – 80
Bookingreference: HJFN3
Price:  from $75 per person

Hike to a Traditional Mountain Farm

High up in the mountains, surrounded by towering peaks and deep valleys.

Hike to a mountain farm next to Hjørundfjorden. Photo: Havila Kystruten/Marius Beck Dahle

About the excursion

A 6 kilometre guided hike up and into the mountains. Climbing to a height of 220 metres above sea level with fantastic views. Wear good shoes and warm, windproof clothing that is adapted to the weather.


Direction: Northbound


Disembarkation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden


Embarkation port: Urke, Hjørundfjorden


Time: 12:30 – 15:30 


Meal: Coffee and the local pancake "svele" as a snack.


Level:  3 (Read more)


Season: Autumn,  1.9.-31.10


Min/max persons: 8 – 60


Booking reference: HJFN4


Price: from £ 79 per person


Hike to a mountain farm next to Hjørundfjorden. Photo: Havila Kystruten/Marius Beck Dahle

In summers past cattle were taken to roam freely on high mountain pasturesthis meant it was a long journey to get the milk back down to the farms by the fjord. Up in the mountains, small houses were built for the cowherds. Here it was the women who ruled and when you go back down again, send a thought to the girls who took the same trip with a heavy load of milk on their shoulders.


On the hike up there is a magnificent view of the Hjørundfjorden's fjord arms and pointed mountains. You will visit two  farms and  with your spirits lifted from the hike enjoy a coffee break on the farm, surrounded by rugged peaks.



People admiring the majestic mountains around Hjørundfjorden. Photo: Havila Kystruten/Marius Beck Dahle



Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did for Peggy & I for our unescorted trip to Sweden & Norway. The hotels were all very, very comfortable and a perfect location for our traveling by train. The staff @ Freys hotel in Stockholm was exceptionally helpful and friendly- we highly recommend all the hotels you picked. The Sorgneford in a nutshell trip was spectacular AND, we even had good weather! We had a wonderful time, thank YOU! - BB -