Hike around Storesøen

Guided hike included packed lunch around the big lake "Storesøen" located right outside the town. Enjoy the beautiful Greenlandic nature on this 12 km hike. Coffee and tea will be served en route, while enjoying the view of the nature and the outskirts of town.

Hi Dora, I would like to thank you for this nice and easy tour to all 3 Baltic capitals. We were not sure about the public buses connecting the cities but were amazed how easy and comfortable it was to travel. Eurolines buses are very comfortable, modern with free wi-fi. It was fun to travel from Vilnius to Riga and then to Tallinn. We talked with a few nice young people on the bus and got valuable information about the places of interest and life in general in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We liked the old town of Vilnius with beautiful architecture and open people. Riga was a very special place for us as my husband's father was born here, so we spent a lot of time strolling in the old town, enjoying good food and beer. All in all, the trip was very successful and well preplanned, so we had no problems at all. Thank you, Nordic Saga Tours and especially Dora! Alexandra Gormon
Alexandra Gormon