Home Visit

Come join a local family for a cup of coffee. The Greenlanders are famous for welcoming visitors into their homes, inviting everyone over for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The latest gossip is shared and it will also be possible to see the national costume and learn about life so very isolated from the rest of the world.

Hi Alex, We just got home last night late but it was great in every way. We enjoyed the Russian tour guides very much and got a lovely glimpse of this "far-away, unknown land" called Russia. Everything I had ever thought has been replaced with warm thoughts of a culture similar to the American, except more refined in some notable ways. There were no tatoos, piercings, or pants falling down, quite refreshing actually. I am anxious to tell others about the smartly dressed women in fur coats and the beautifully restored churches... We enjoyed Scandinavia as well, witnessing the Northern Lights on two consecutive nights and enjoying a plethora of thrilling activities: from dog mushing and snow-mobiling to reindeer sleigh rides, cross-country skiing and ice fishing. The trip was a perfect combination of culture, action, and relaxation. Many thanks for all of your help. ~ Margaret