Hot springs of Uunartoq

Visit to the hot springs in Uunartoq on an amazing boat trip through Arctic waters, before arriving to the hot springs. 1,5 hours stop gives you time to enjoy the hot pools and the contrast of icebergs floating by in the fjord. This tour is guided and includes lunch.

Susie, Thanks for arranging this wonderful trip of Iceland for us. The group was well organized, hotels were nice and clean, very friendly staff, good food and absolutely AMAZING nature. This was a trip we will never forget. The volcanoes were splendid and we especially enjoyed the giant icebergs in the glacial lagoon. So very Iceland and exactly what we were hoping for! Our pictures are incredible. The Gullfoss waterfall is a true sight to be seen and was just one of the many reasons our Iceland vacation was well worth every penny! Ruth Goldberg