September 05, 2014

Review about Hidden Powers and Northern Lights by JR Reedings

Rating: 4
Alex, Wonderful time in Iceland. Thanks for your help in picking out the perfect Iceland tour for us. It was greatly appreciated. I'm incredibly happy with how it all turned out! I can't believe how much ground we covered in just a week. Almost hard to believe. I'm so happy the buses were comfortable and even had wi-fi on board. I was worried about that! We really loved the sights, such as the waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, baths, and geysers. Iceland is a unique place for sure and now I totally understand why it has this mystical and mysterious reputation. I loved learning about the history from the knowledgable guides we were lucky enough to have! The food was different but really fresh and interesting. I'm always up for trying new things when I travel! Thanks for your help, our tour of Iceland was really special. JR Reedings
JR Reedings

Northern Lights Around Iceland Tour Review

A winter trip to Iceland exploring incredible winter scenery, lava fields, volcano craters, hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, sea shores, mountains, lakes, fishing villages, farms, light houses and Northern Lights