August 27, 2014

Review about St. Petersburg Express by Judy Fairmont and Gail Kinsley

Rating: 4
Dear Bobby, ​We're back from our St. Petersburg tour and wanted to write and say how lovely our time in Russia was. I think we chose one of the most exciting tours you offer, as the train ride from Helsinki felt really special and the guide treated us so well. Our group was small, so it was really nice getting to know the others we were traveling with and sharing in all the new experiences we had. I never thought I'd get to see St. Isaac's Cathedral up close, or visit beautiful historical ​buildings like the Hermitage. Wow - just lovely. The Amber Room was beyond beautiful and seeing the Nevsky Prospect was also incredible. Thanks again for making this trip possible. Our trip to Russia wouldn't have been the same without you! Judy Fairmont and Gail Kinsley
Judy Fairmont and Gail Kinsley

Review of St. Petersburg Tour

Travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in style on our St. Petersburg Express tour. Highlights include tours of St. Isaac's Cathedral, Hermitage, Pushkin, Catherine Palace, Amber Room, Petergoff, and a guided city tour through St. Petersburg. All of this and more will please visitors of all ages.