Northern Light Dinner Cruise

20:00 – 23:00
Minimum 2 paxJoin a dinner cruise on a local family owned catamaran, with good deck space and a warm cozylounge. This is a very localway to hunt for the lights. The owners live on board in the winter season.
We stay in protected waters, and we find a secure place for the Northern Lights. This depends of course if nature is with us or not. Northern Lights from the seaside are spectacular and beautiful. Even the light pollution from the town disappears into the black sea.You also get a fabulous view of the Tromsø areain the beautiful Arctic winter night. Knowledgeable hosts with years of experience will do their utmost to give you a memorable experience.During the trip you will be serveda North-Norwegian traditional fish dinnermade with the best ingredients and a dessert and hot drinks.

11-day Classic Norwegian Discovery Voyage was a journey of our lifetime. We enjoyed everything in this journey. The coastal views were incredibly beautiful. We met a lot of interesting people on the boat from different countries - Germany, France, UK, Australia and other. The food was of good quality, but there was not much variation from day to day. The wine was expensive, but we mostly enjoyed water and coffee which was very good. Many ports we visited were small towns with little to see, but the real beauty of this trip was the coastal beauty of Norway. This voyage for sure was a delightful and memorable time. We will do it again sometime. Beata Zaid, New Zeland
Beata Zaid, New Zeland