Nuuk Fjord Safari

This tour is for travelers curious about the vast Greenlandic habitat. Nuuk Fjord provides not only beautiful scenery but also a healthy pantry of fish, meat and seabirds. We explore the area between Nuuk and the island of Sermitsiaq, where eagles are known to nest every other year or so. The safari gives you a chance to encounter some of our wildlife and get a feel of the every-day life of the local fishermen and hunters. Minimum 3 pax

Dear Susie, Lou and I have returned from our 9 day trip to Iceland! We thought we'd shoot you a message to let you know everything went as planned and that we had the greatest time exploring the country with our group. We made friends with a really nice couple who actually live only a few hours west of us here in the states! It was fun having companions who could take photos of the two of us at each stop and chat about the new things we were learning about Iceland. We could write for hours about all the amazing and unique things we got to see, but I'll keep this short and just say the tour as a whole was really thought out well and our guides were phenomenal. Some highlights would be the glaciers and the beautiful blues we saw. The waterfalls were breathtaking and we also found the Folk Museum and visiting the town of Vik to be really interesting. Not only is the nature of Iceland intriguing, but the people and culture are neat, too! Thanks for helping us and for being a great coordinator on this Iceland tour. Your hard work is appreciated! Cheers, Barbara and Lou Vance