Nuuk Fjord Safari

This tour is for travelers curious about the vast Greenlandic habitat. Nuuk Fjord provides not only beautiful scenery but also a healthy pantry of fish, meat and seabirds. We explore the area between Nuuk and the island of Sermitsiaq, where eagles are known to nest every other year or so. The safari gives you a chance to encounter some of our wildlife and get a feel of the every-day life of the local fishermen and hunters. Minimum 3 pax

We had a fabulous time on the Scenic Sognefjord. All the accommodations were great, the transportation was always easy to navigate. We did have one hotel listed on our itinerary that did not match the hotel voucher in our packet and that did cause some confusion. We tacked on a wonderful stay in Copenhagen to the end of our tour. I would use Nordic Saga again.