September 23, 2014

Review about by Becki Austin

Rating: 5
Hi Susie, Rob and I are back from our Scandinavian tour and wanted to thank you for a nice trip. You really helped us plan the perfect vacation together and it was truly worth every penny! We loved the Royal Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, the beautiful Hardanger Fjord near Ulvik, and the gorgeous Bryggen Harbour in Bergen. Such incredible sights everywhere you look in these countries. I couldn’t get over how tall and breathtaking the fjords were up close! Ending the tour in Stockholm was bittersweet. We didn’t want to leave! All the hotels were amazing and the food was always hot and fulfilling. Thanks again for your hard work, we really enjoyed this tour of Scandinavia with your company. Becki Austin
Becki Austin

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