December 07, 2017

Review about Capitals of the Baltic Sea by Alessia Barban

Rating: 4
Scandinavia and Fjords - unforgettable! This was our first tour that was guided and coordinated. Usually, we plan our own vacations and use tours very seldom. This time we decided to be layed back leaving everything to Nordic Saga Tour company to design a tour for us. There were good and not so good things about this trip. Good was that everything was arranged very smoothly, with only minor delays and misunderstandings. We had some who delayed us but it was not something to complain about too much. The itinerary was good, the sites were interesting, well selected. Hotels were very good, meals not always what to be expected from 4-5 star hotels, however. All in all the tour was successful, we enjoyed it very much, especially the Fjords! Probably we'll do another tour soon. See you next summer. Alessia Barban
Alessia Barban

Scandinavia and Fjords - unforgettable!

Scandinavia travel package combining the capitals of Sweden, Finland and the Baltic Countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.