December 14, 2017

Review about The Land of Northern Lights by Bert Weinhold

Rating: 4
The Northern Lights Tour - fantastic! We were scared we will not see the lights as a friend had been there and not been lucky. For the first night we were ot lucky either. We waited about an hour or so to see the lights with no luck. However when we travelled into the national park they started to appear. They were very colourful and looked amazing! We watched them for about an hour when they started to fade. Then we saw them again a few times and we took a few amazing photos. During this trip we saw a lot other as beautiful things like mountains, glaciers, lakes .... Our guide was very knowledgable and told us many interesting things about Iceland. The tour organizes do their best to make us happy and if the Nature is hiding its wonders sometimes , they cannot do anything. I do recommend this trip ! Bert Weinhold
Bert Weinhold

The Northern Lights Tour - fantastic!

Northern Lights tour to Iceland includes a stay in Reykjavik with an afternoon to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, exploring the South coast and the famous active Eyjafjallajökull volcano , learning about Icelandic horses and a visit to a geothermal greenhouse.