February 28, 2018

Review about Capitals of the Baltic Sea by Jon & Vicki

Rating: 5
Hello dear Bobby, In a word, PERFECT! As you know, you worked and put together an extensive 4/5 country tour package for Vicki and I and what you managed to put together went remarkably well in every way possible. With very little exception, this trip now ranks as the best of our many trips, which considering the now 67 countries on all 7 continents around the globe we visited, is a big statement. I only have a few feedback suggestions and a request: 1) Be more specific with US based guest re the hotel standards, e.g., a standard room in the US is a superior room in Europe. This is a problem that is easily rectified by advising clients up front of the difference. 2) While the Sogenfjiord in a Nutshell was outstanding, it is a bit too rushed. Perhaps it’s because we’d been traveling for some time already that it made us feel that way, but for sure, all three countries in Scandinavia are worth more time. 3) When able, please contact your tour providers in Stockholm and Oslo and request contact information for Sofia, our guide in Stockholm, and for Helen, our guide in Oslo. We had great guides all along the way and exchanged contact detail, but somehow missed these two exceptional women. Our thanks for: 1) Turning things around in St. Petersburg with my concern at the brevity of the Peter and Paul Fortress tour. In the end it made the rest of our guided tour with Ana a truly exceptional one. 2) For reaching out to your tour operator in Bergen who weren’t there to meet us off our flight. 3) For reaching out to your tour operator in Bergen about our bag transfer. As promised there they were when we checked into the Continental Oslo. 4) Your expert choosing of hotel accommodations all along the way as each of them were up to, or exceeded world class standards. As you now know, we’ve stayed at many of the world’s premier hotel’s and this trip has matched or exceeded our experiences. 5) Your choice of tour operator partners, all of who put together exceptional and interesting tours of their countries. 6) And lastly, for being there all along the way with us. It put us at ease knowing you were monitoring our movement. All our best, Jon & Vicki
Jon & Vicki
Scandinavia travel package combining the capitals of Sweden, Finland and the Baltic Countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.