September 12, 2014

Review about Baltic Highlights by Jo Humphrey and Shirley Miller

Rating: 5
Dear Dora, It has been a couple of weeks since our return from the Baltic tour and I have been away again for a week. However, I did want to thank you for arranging our delightful trip. My sister and I were happy that our friend, Stavrula, was able to share our adventures. We were all very pleased with our accommodations in each city and found the food everywhere was delicious and the people very friendly. Nearly everyone we met spoke English and we learned that they had learned it in school. It seems that English is one of the compulsory subjects in all the schools. I wish we had to learn more languages in our schools! Vilnius was particularly memorable (I said "hello" for you) as I met a very nice young man who was originally from there and was just home for his father's 75th birthday celebration and a nephew's wedding. He and his family are now Americans living in North Carolina. Since one of his children is now in college they could not afford for the whole family to be away for four weeks, so he was representing his family. He gave us some very good advice of places to see on our own as well as what foods to eat if we wanted a sample of the native dishes. As a result we found a lovely restaurant on University street where we had beer soup and some tasty cepolinas. At the Lokys Restaurant we had a drink of starka after our dinner and we enjoyed the local beer everywhere. All of the city guides were excellent and were very knowledgeable about the history, architecture and folklore, but Ona, our guide from Vilnius to Tallinn went out of her way to help make our trip more memorable. Even when she was "off duty" she volunteered to show us places that we had not seen on the regular guided tours. Again, thanks for arranging such a nice tour (how did you arrange for the good weather???). All the best wishes, Jo Humphrey and Shirley Miller
Jo Humphrey and Shirley Miller

Baltic Highlights

Small group Baltic countries tour with 4* hotels, max. 20 people, English speaking guide. Great selection of sightseeing and evening activities.