August 27, 2018

Review about by Heather Corbin

Rating: 5
I went on the Splendor of the Fjords tour, and it was fantastic. Our tour guide, Anne, was wonderful, intertwining stories of the landscape with the history and politics of Norway for those of us not well versed on those matters. My tour group was a great blend of folks from different countries, and communication was easy between all of us - by the end of the tour, we felt more like a family than a bunch of strangers. Our driver, Sune, was amazing; in the US, I prefer to be the driver so I can have control, but Sune made us all feel safe with his skillful navigation of the country. The food was great (a lot of fish, but most of it was delicious) and the hotels (particularly the ones with fjord views) were fantastic. Would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see a lot of the southern countryside of Norway. I'll definitely be going back! Heather
Heather Corbin

10/10 Would Do It Again