June 18, 2019

Review about Natural Wonders of Norway by Steve Christenson

Rating: 5
Fantastic trip. Our guide, Christhina, took care of all the details and provided wonderful insight of the sites and their history. Accommodations were also very good throughout the trip. Beautiful views of Oslo, Bergen and the fjords. We are already thinking of going back as eight days only whetted our appetite.
Steve Christenson

Majestic fjord trip was excellent.

Experience the best of what Norway has to Offer: fjords, waterfalls, coastal and city culture, the unique Viking History, a glacier, mountains, and idyllic islands are among what you will find. This type of tour is unique, we classify it as semi-independent. You will travel the region using railway, panoramic train route and ferries. There are no coaches included except for the sightseeing in Oslo, we therefore recommend you travel light and find your inner adventurer.