Snow Shoe Expedition

An easy 2 hours snowshoes walk with an experienced local guide following the Yellow Trail to enjoy the panorama view of the Sermermiut valley, the icebergs and the Disko bay. No previous experience is required, and everybody can learn how to move safely into the winter terrain with snowshoes.

Bobby, We had a wonderful time on the Baltic tour and thought I'd check in and write about the experience we had. The logistics of the tour went according to plan and there were only a few small mishaps that came up in those two weeks. We started in Tallinn. The National Park was great, and the gardens were neat to see as well. In Vilnius, we ate amazing food and our guide, Alma, did a great job teaching us the history of Lithuania. I have zero complaints about Nida. That was my favorite destination and I couldn't get over how carefree and wonderful the lifestyle is there. Riga is where we had our only unfortunate run-in with bad weather. We tried to do the walking tour but some people in the group didn't want to be out in the rain, so we agreed to cut it short which meant we didn't get to see all of the places on our itinerary, but I don't think any of us minded. It would have been great had the weather cooperated of course, but you can't always guarantee the forecast will be perfect while on a two week vacation! We all did some souvenir shopping instead and had a lot of fun. Our last day in Riga and Tallinn ended on a high note with the Dome Church and the Old Town Hall. I'd say all in all it was an amazing trip! Thanks again for your help and if we plan on doing a Baltic tour again in the future, I'll let you know. Harrison Miller