Snow Shoe Expedition

An easy 2 hours snowshoes walk with an experienced local guide following the Yellow Trail to enjoy the panorama view of the Sermermiut valley, the icebergs and the Disko bay. No previous experience is required, and everybody can learn how to move safely into the winter terrain with snowshoes.

Our trip to Greenland and Viking places was incredible! I would like to thank Nordic Saga for arranging such an amazing tour for us. It exceeded all our expectations. The scenery with icebergs, fjords, and glaciers was beyond our imagination. In Narsarsuaq we stayed at a nice basic hotel. It was really basic but our room was big, warm and clean. The hotel staff was nice and friendly and spoke some English. The buffet at breakfast was excellent with good selection of cereals, breads, meat and a pastry. There was internet in the hotel but we had to pay for it. Not a big deal, though. We spent a very enjoyable time walking and enjoying the great views. Traveling by boat through the ice-filled Erik's Fjord was fantastic as many other unforgettable experiences. We all were stunned by the majesty of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. It was the best trip in my life so far. We will certainly return to this wonderful part of the world to explore it more thoroughly. Karina and Martin Bjoren