July 05, 2017

Review about Splendor of the Fjords by Kathy and Colin Pattearson

Rating: 4
A really well organised tour. Our guide, Yves was very good, knowledgable and pleasant. The entire schedule, being fairly tight, was well orchestrated and Yves and Kent, our driver, did well to ensure that we made everything on time. Yves added in a few little features like a visit to an historic Stave church and a village walk which we appreciated. Accommodation was excellent.
Kathy and Colin Pattearson

Land of the Fjords Tour

Our popular Splendor of the Fjords tour brings you through Norway's most thrilling places: Oslo, Ulvik, Bergen, Flam, Balestrand, and Geiranger! See the beautiful Hardanger Fjord, the amazing Måbødal Canyon, the Ulvik Fjord, the towns of Øystese and Norheimsund, and take a ride on the impressive Flåm Railway.