Whale Safari On Rib Boat

08:30 – 13:30
This is a trip that is highly recommended for photo enthusiasts or anyone that wants to enjoy close encounters with the whales. You will be picked up in Tromsø by bus and driven to a base camp located north on Whale Island. 
Enjoy your adventure exploring the fjords by boat with breathtaking scenery. The most common whale species are humpback whales and orcas, but there are also chances of seeing fin whales and possibly harbor porpoises and other species. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for other wildlife such as white-tailed eagles and different seabirds, e.g. shags, guillemots, little auks, and the seals that sometimes can be seen resting on the cliffs. Insulated body suits will be provided (included).
*only available until the 10thof February or as long as the whales are there.

Bobby, We're back from our Baltic trip and wanted to give your company a nice review. Thanks for helping us plan this tour and for answering our many questions the day before we left. (I'm glad we were able to get my passport situation figured out in time!) The tour itself was lovely of course. I love Europe so I was really excited to see three countries I've never visited before. Only small downfall - I had a terrible sinus infection when we got to Tallinn. It was awful! I was miserable, but Alma (our guide) quickly found some medication for me and made sure I was comfortable in my hotel room before everyone left for the tour on day 6. I was sad to miss it, but I needed to rest. The beginning of our trip was just fine though, and we have great memories from Vilnius and Riga. Thanks again for your help. If I travel to the Baltics in the future, or even just to Vilnius to see what I missed out on, I'll give you a call! Thanks, Terry Masterson
Terry Masterson