By boat to the Inland Ice Cap

Guided tour by boat across the ice-filled Bredefjord to a fjord system northwest of Narsaq leading up to the impressive Twin Glaciers, where we go ashore on a small rock emerging from the glacier front. Here we will enjoy our packed lunch before continuing into another fjord with bird's cliffs and a big waterfall.

Susie, My husband and I took a tour of the Baltic countries with Nordic Saga Tours last month and I wanted to let you know my thoughts! I felt all of the programs and city tours were really well organized, and our guide did a wonderful job of introducing each city to us in unique ways. From Vilnius, to Riga, to Tallinn, I found something new I loved in each location. While similar in many ways, they're also so very different and the history in each city is really interesting. We loved the Hill of Crosses, and the ferry trip to Curonian Spit National Park. Eating Lithuanian food like gira and cepelinai was fun, and so delicious! Old Riga Castle and the many boulevards and streets in that city were so picturesque. If I could recommend anything, it would be to extend the time in Riga maybe by an extra day, because I would have loved to explore more of its hidden gems. Regardless, we did have a lot of time there that was utilized well; I just really fell in love with the city and hated to leave! So, thanks again, this Baltic tour really worked its magic on my heartstrings! Kristine Gilson