By boat to the Inland Ice Cap

Guided tour by boat across the ice-filled Bredefjord to a fjord system northwest of Narsaq leading up to the impressive Twin Glaciers, where we go ashore on a small rock emerging from the glacier front. Here we will enjoy our packed lunch before continuing into another fjord with bird's cliffs and a big waterfall.

This trip was setup through East-West Tours and they did a great job. All the documentation and transfers went very smoothly. We booked a deluxe cabin on the ferry (slightly larger cabin and "priority embarkation and disembarkation"). If you keep in mind that this is a ferry and not a cruise ship you will probably find the food, accommodation and level of service to be just fine. An odd thing - Twice for our priority disembarkation (both times with luggage) we gathered in a lounge on the 6th floor and had to carry our luggage down stairs to the 4th floor, this would be very hard for anyone with physical limitations. For St.Petersburg we requested a private guide and driver. Our guide, Olga Dashkevich, was fantastic. She has a great knowledge of art and history and managed to not have us wait in any lines and move us through the crowds to the most important artwork and displays, We can not say enough about the service she provided. I recommend this type of tour as an easy way to do 72 hrs in St.Petersburg. As regards the ferry - again a ferry not a cruise ship