Lava Caving, Super Jeep & Bathing In Geothermal Springs From Hveragerdi

This is an amazing super-value tour of exciting and unique activities. The perfect choice to experience some of the best outdoor activities Iceland has to offer. In just one day you pack in such adventures as caving, riding across rugged terrain in a super jeep and bathing in a natural hot spring.

The tour kicks off in the picturesque town of Hveragerdi on Iceland´s south coast. First we descend into one of the caves in the locality. As we go deeper into the earth´s belly and marvel at the spectacular formations, we learn about the geology of the area and how Icelanders have found ingenious ways to harness the geothermal energy bubbling beneath their feet. Lunch is in the cave and we enjoy a selection of traditional Icelandic foods. After all, what a people eat is another window on their culture. Here in this eerie netherworld, your guide will entertain you with hair-raising tales of the trolls and outlaws who once called these caves home.

Back above ground it´s time to get the adrenaline pumping as we hop aboard a super jeep and ride across the rugged lava landscape in the shadow of the local active volcano, Hengill. We use one of the hot springs or the ground´s natural heat to cook our dinner or lunch.

The icing on the cake has to be the awesome Zen-like experience of bathing in a natural hot spring. This is literally where you become one with your natural surroundings.

Guided Super Jeep tour
Cave gear
Light lunch
Pick-up and drop-off at accommodation in Hveragerdi

Alex, Sveiki! Just a quick thank you note from our family for your wonderful help in guiding this Baltic trip! As you know, Latvia is a place I've wanted to visit for most of my life since my grandparents were both born there. It was an incredible feeling being able to show the kids their roots. We also enjoyed Estonia and Lithuania of course! We didn't have any issues other than Emily having a bit of a stubborn stomach bug for a few days. She missed out on a few of the tours because she stayed back at the hotel. I don't think it was food related since we all ate the same things, but our guide, Eriks, was on top of it and bought some local medicine that seemed to help. She's in tip-top shape now thankfully! That being said, the Novotel in Vilnius had a really nice breakfast in the morning and our room was big and spacious which helped Emily get some much needed rest. Other memorable events would definitely include our visit to St. Peter and Paul's Church, our boat trip from Nida, seeing Rundale Palace, and all of the other great museums. I really got a feel for what life must have been like for my grandparents way back when. Thanks for making our Baltic tour as memorable as it was! Cheers, Brian Jansons and family