The Magic Of The Arctic Circle

(Exclusive for Borealis Destination Management guests)
Min 6 pax
DURATION: 19:30 – 22:30
Dinner includedYou are invited to a perfect evening in Snowland, the first and only great Arctic construction in the capital of Lapland. Do not miss this unique opportunity to visit and dine in this idyllic igloo, which only opens its doors for special events. During this evening you will enjoy a dinner with local specialties and then sit on the white patio, around a bonfire, waiting for the Aurora Borealis. Snowland has been built in the vicinity of the city but with the purpose of offering the best conditions to appreciate the dance of the Aurora Borealis when it announces its arrival on the clear nights of Rovaniemi.
*May be changed to Thursday

Hi Bobby, We just returned home yesterday following a one month trip. I wanted to thank you for a very well organized trip. You did a fantastic job and Cathi and I are beyond grateful. Did you also arrange the perfect weather we had? We had mostly sunny skies, a little rain that was if no consequence and beautiful fall colors as well as spectacular panoramas. Again, thanks so much. Do you only work on trips to Norway? Let me know, we travel a lot. Below are some photos for you George