Hot Spring Mountain Circle Hike Tour From Hveragerdi

Hveragerdi town on Iceland´s south coast is located right in the middle of a highly active volcanic area. It´s literally sitting on a bubbling cauldron of geothermal activity fuelled by magma pushing upwards towards the earth´s surface. That explains the plumes of steam rising from the ground here and there on the surrounding mountainsides.

On this tour we drive a short distance out of town and hike the scenic trail into Reykjadalur or “Steam Valley”. As we explore this geothermal wonderland we see there´s a lot of beauty packed into this short hike. The highpoint of the trip of course is to bathe in a natural hot spring. As you relax, drink in the stunning natural winter beauty of your surroundings.

This tour is ideal for those wanting to experience Iceland´s unique geology and take the road less travelled.

3 out of 5 - this tour can be more challenging if there´s a lot of snow on the mountain.

What to bring:
Swimsuit, towel and warm clothing

Guided hike tour
Pick-up and drop-off at accommodation in Hveragerdi
Light meal

Even though the cruise was cancelled at the last minute, the substitute tours that were arranged for us we're incredible. Hard to believe we got to see so much of Iceland and learn so much from the tour guides in just one week. Susie Main was a hero..taking care of additional tours before and after the official well as calmly handling the news of the cancellation. Her handling of the situation is really what made us decide to still go on the trip after the news of the cancellation. She was the best. The trip was a once in a lifetime experience!