Mystical New Year’s Party

22:30 –01:00
At 22h00 take a transfer from the hotelto a Special New Year Venue 20 minutesfromtown. At Lapland’s magical border of the Arctic Circle, the festivities will be held for welcoming in the New Year. Fire, ice, darkness, snow, lights, music, dance are the combined elements that create amagical event for the whole family.
The mysterious shamans fuel the atmosphere as the New Year approaches Santa Claus himselfwill also pay us a visit! A giant snow disco, snow bars, massive fireworks display and the spectacularNew Year Dance Show definitely conjure up a memorable entirety.New Year’s tin casting is an old Finnish tradition to see what the future holds. Shamans -the fortunetellers help you to interpret the marks for the future in your tin. The event will take place by snowybanks, in idyllic winter setting.

At 00:30/1:00 transfer back to the hotel


Dear Dora, My husband and I have returned home from our Baltic tour and I wanted to reach out and say thank you for all of your help! We had a wonderful time visiting these beautiful countries. I think I was most enamored with Riga... There's just something about the nightlife there. Seeing the city from up high was spectacular. The rooftops were beautifully painted and so colorful... and at night, the city lights were just twinkling. The tours themselves were great, very educational. The churches were all SO gorgeous. I enjoyed all of the delicious food, but again, I think Riga stuck out for me the most so maybe I favored the food there a little bit.​.. :) Thanks for everything, if we travel the Baltic countries again someday, you'll be the first person we get in contact with. Raquelle and Richard Tunkin