Northern Light Safari

AURORA SKY DRIVE – To the wilderness by car/coach
The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are possible to be observed in the Polar zone of the world. The location of Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle gives us the best possibilities to try and see them. A local guide will drive you out of the city reaching the perfect spots offering us the best open sky vision to enjoy the Lappish picnic, hopefully under the Auroras. Everyone will try to fun walk with snow shoes and we will share some nice moment around the fire, with stories about Lapland.
INCLUDES: Winter clothing, car transfers, Lappish picnic, hot drinks, guiding in English
*NOTICE: Reservations subject to weather conditions on the spot.

Hi Dora, It’s Wendy, writing to you from my home office. I wanted to send a quick note about the tour to Scandinavia and Russia back in July. There were many highlights along the way of course, but my personal favorite spot was probably Balestrand. Exploring the fjords and that town on our own was relaxing and perfect for us. The cruise to Helsinki was beautiful, but unfortunately, Rick was terribly ill and spent most of the night in the lavatory. I don’t know if it was food related or perhaps a bit of motion sickness, but I felt just so awful for him. I spoke to one of the workers onboard but there wasn’t much he could do to help, either. We brought Rick fresh water and crackers and I tried to stay near him as much as I could. He did eventually fall asleep, but wasn’t feeling too hot the next day. The train ride was also rough for him but he was able to nap part of the way… Once we got to the hotel in St. Petersburg, I think he slept 12 hours. He missed out on some things, but at least it was nothing too serious and he was able to rest once we got to the hotel. Our guide, Celia, was very sweet and tried her best to make sure he was always comfortable. She was constantly checking up on him. Other than that bout of sickness, everything was great. Thanks again for your help, I’d have no problem recommending you for anyone hoping to travel to Scandinavia. Best, Wendy and Rick Gervine